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Cold cupboard for food TSK-1618

Cold cupboard for food TSK-1618
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Cold cupboard is for preserving food on temperature +3°C to +5°C
  • Digital thermostat
  • Auto defrosting
  • Easily changeable refrigeration unit (see support)
  • Legs with adjustable height (+/- 15mm)
  • Eight drawers can hold 4x (GN1/1 100) and 4x (GN1/1 150) GN-containers
  • Drawers open 110% so that it is comfortable to put in the GN-containers
  • Drawers’ sliders have retraction locking systems and are easily changeable when needed (see support)
  • By default the cabinet section is on the left side of the cupboard. It is possible to rearrange cabinet’s position if needed (please note in the order)
  • Locker contains 8 pairs of tracks for GN-containers (GN1/1 50)
  • A shelf tier can be ordered to be placed on the guides (please note in the order)

Additional information

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 1600 x 650 x 900 mm
Weight (kg) 170
Working temperature °C


Voltage (V)


Power (kW)


Frequency (Hz)



Stainless steel

Weight of unit (kg)


Type of unit



R290, filling 130g

Height of legs (mm)

160 +/- 15

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